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Top 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Himachal Pradesh – Your Hotel Host

India is a village country, 80% of its population lives in the village. Therefore, India was already a prosperous country and prepares all the things needed in the village itself. Hence there is no need to spend much money. In the village, fruits, vegetables, rice, flour, all things are prepared by themselves, but even today there is a country from India which is mixing step by step with modernity. Do not leave your poultry cooking method. They feel proud that we are from the village. The village also has a huge contribution in India's economy. The farmer is the reed of the country. Most farmers are in the village. In India, a young man from the city is looking for a job after writing. The village's young man does his farming. Due to which, he does his job and gives employment to the people. Today we are talking about the village in this article. In such a link, today I will tell you about 5 villages of Himachal, where you must go. I will tell you about the village in this article, people come from not only Indians but also from other countries. Come, let's start the topic of this article.

List Top 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Himachal Pradesh

  • Malana
  • Chitkul
  • Old Manali
  • Kaza
  • Jana

Malana - World's oldest democracy

Malana's name appears on the map because of two things. First of all, it is a good thing that today there is a democratic system in the world, it was first adopted in such a village. At that time, the biggest countries of the world did not know about this system. Secondly for Charas, Malana is infamous for Charas. Malana Charas is famous as Malana Cream. Malana was far from inaccessible to the police due to its inaccessibility and the Pahari area. But now it has completely banned the cultivation of hashish. Malana Basi belongs to Sikandar's Banshaj. When Alexander set out for world conquest. At that time some people stayed in Malana. And the woolly people settled the village. Malana village has its own language. Which only the villagers understand. Earlier Malana village was restricted to outsiders. But in today's time, you can go to the village on certain conditions. The people of Malana village consider themselves high and do not touch anyone else. Malana Village is an equalizer of Jatiabad. There are 600 people living in about 120 houses in the village. The head of the village considers his deity, every work is done according to the deity. The village is very beautiful, you must go once.

Chitkul – Last Village of India  China Border

Chitkul is the last village of Kinnaur in Himachal. China has a border at some distance from it. Hence it is called the last village of India. To go to Chitkul, you can go to Shimla. Sutlej, Baspa river will be found on the way to Chitkul. You can reach Chitkul via Shimla, Narkanda, Sangla Valley. You will see high hills in Chitkul. There is an ITBP camp 3 km ahead of Chitkul. Chitkul has many trekking routes that connect Uttarakhand. The house in Chitkul will get wooden because it gets a lot of snow. One will get to see the Himalayas very closely in Chitkul. Many rivers originate from the Hills of Chitkul. Baspa river is the main river of Chitkul. The water of the river is very cold, coming directly from Gilsher. There is Rakshma village near Chitkul which is quite beautiful. If you go to Chitkul, you can see the beauty of nature very closely.

Old Manali – Most Beautiful Village in India

Old Manali, Manali is a very beautiful village located 3 km away. In this village you will get to see both ancient and modern. Manali is named after the Bedic sage Manu. This village has a temple of Manu Rishi. The village has many hotels and guest houses as well as houses of local people. Wood was used extensively in the house of the local people and it was made a long time ago. A large slate of stone is used in the roof of the house. The wearing of the village logo is absolutely drational. The woman wears paatu (this particular type of garment). And it is always her head who holds this scarf. And who is an old elder, then wears a coat made of wool. There are many food shops in the village which are always full of forners. Every other man in the village will see you forners. Many fornners have taken home rents on it. The people of the village also do farming. Apple is the main crop. The village is very beautiful and there is greenery and village in between. It is a very beautiful place. If you go to Manali then you must go to see this village.

Kaza – Spiti Valley Most Beautiful Destination

Kaza is an inaccessible and extremely beautiful place in the Lahul Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. You can go through 2 routes to Kaza Ko. The first way is from Shimla to Kinnaur, the second way is by passing Manali Rohtang. Due to its high position, it is very snowy. Kazaa is open only for 6 months. Roads are closed due to snowflakes. It is very difficult to live life. You can go to Kazaa only after July and then. You will get to see a lot of monastery in Kazaa. The place is very nice. You can spend your good time here.

Jana –Best Heritage Village in India

Jana is 22 km from Manali. To go to Jana, you must first go to Naggar. Jana is situated on a hill 11 km from Nagar. On the 11 kilometer route you will find both the road and cedar trees. Which is a very beautiful view. Nashala village will be found on the road to Jana Road. This village is also beautiful. Mother's temple will be found in the village. You will find a lot of peace in the temple premises. You will feel supernatural peace in peaceful talk. On the way you will see red rice fields, apple trees, many types of fruit and vegetable fields. Jana Village is located on the hill from where you can see the entire valley. By visiting this village, you can understand the old life style of Kullu Manali. The village has a beautiful temple of sage Jamadagni. There is a waterfall at some distance from the village. Where you can enjoy the traditional food of Kullu Manali. People are straightforward people. Cultivate your life through apple cultivation.

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