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15 Places to Visit in Manali 2020, Tourist Places - Attractions

People go on Honeymoon in Manali. Some people go to spend the summer with their family. So this is the question in front of them. Which place to visit in Manali is in Manali. We have tried to answer your question in this article. We have listed Manali's place. Which is close to Manali. Complete the article for information.
15-Places-to-Visit-in-Manali-2020,-Tourist-Place - Attractions

  • Hadimba Devi Temple
  • Siyali Mahadev Temple
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Club House
  • Tibtan Monasteries
  • Mall Road
  • Van Vihar
  • Solang Valley
  • Culture & Fun Park
  • Manu Temple
  • Vashisht Hot Water Spring
  • Kartik Temple
  • Gyatri Temple
  • Nagar
  • Jana Water Fall

Hadimba Devi Temple – Most Visited Place in Manali

The most visited place in Manali is the temple of Hadimba Devi. Hadimba Devi's temple is in Dungri village, 3 km from Manali Mall Road. Hadimba Devi's temple in Dungri is the center of the cedar trees. The temple is made of pagoda style. Wood has been used in the roof of the temple. The shrine houses the footprints of Hadimba Mata.

Siyali Mahadev – Best Place Visit Near Mall Road

Siyali Mahadev is near Mall Road in the market of Manali. The temple of Siyali Mahadev is dedicated to Mahadev. The temple performs Aarti every morning and evening. Dharamshala is the place to stay in the temple. Where rooms are available for a very low price.

Rohtang Pass – Where You Can See The Snow in Manali

If you want to see snow. So your wish can be fulfilled in your Rohtang Pass. In this way, snow will be seen in Manali in winter time. You will get 12 months of snow in Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass is situated at an altitude of 13500 meters. Rohtang Pass is located 51 kilometers away from Manali. The car will take you 2 hours.

Club House – Center of The Fun at Manali

The Club House Himachal Tourism is re-operated. Indoor games can be enjoyed in the club house. Snooker, Badminton, Chase, etc. There is a lot of games for kids with you shopping in the club house. You can enjoy river crossing in Manalsu river. Very nice place to take a picture here.

Tibten Monasteries – Tibetans Religious Place in Manali

Tibtan Monasteries is the center of Bodh Dharma located in the heart of Manali Bazaar. The Monasteries have a statue of Buddha Bhagavan. There is a colorful flower garden around the monasteries. Which makes Monasteries even more beautiful. Rooms are also provided on rent in Monasteries. The Monasteries has a large hall in which wedding ceremonies are held.

Van Vihar – Where u Can Feel Nature Beauty in Manali

It is the quietest place near Manali Mall Road. Van Vihar has many cedar tall trees. As if it seems that cedar trees are constantly fading fresh air. It is a wonderful place for a newly married couple. It is a romantic place. Where you will not feel like going. You can enjoy boating in the lake of water. Van Vihar has songs in slow voice, which makes Baha's mohal even better.

Solang Valley – Best Adventure place in Manali

Solang Valley becomes even more special when it is played on snow, skiing, snow boarding and in the sky there is paragliding in the winter. You can also go to Peak by cable car and feel the nature more closely. Fresh air, Charo and Ki Hariyali attract everyone. You can also learn ski from Solang ski center.

Culture & Fun Park

Culture & Fun Park is located in Bahang in Rohtang Road. Manali is at a distance of 6 km. This place is great for walking with the family. Here you will see Himachali, Punjabi, Rajasthani, dance. There is a lot of play for children. You can go boating in the lake. You can enjoy different types of food.

Manu Temple

Manu Rishi is one of the Saptha Rishis. The temple of Manu Rishi is located in Old Manali. Which is located 3 km from Manali Mall Road. Manu Rishi has a lot of grace in Manali. Manu Rishi Temple has the statue of Rishi Manu. Along with sage Manu, you will also find idols of other gods and goddesses in this temple. Sage Manu Temple is situated in the middle of the village. Worship is done in the temple according to the rules.

Vashisht Hotel Water Spring

Vashisht village is located 5 km from Vashisht Hot Water Spring Manali. The center of Vashisht village is a source of natural hot water. Where there is a facility of separate pool for bathing of man and woman. Where you can enjoy the warm water bath. It is a belief that many skin diseases are eradicated by the warm water. There are two temples here. Vashisht Rishi and Ram Temple. From this village, you can go for trekking to Jogani water fall and Bhrigu.

Kartik Temple – Khakhnal Manali Himachal

Karthik is the son of Lord Shiva. Karthik's temple is in the village of Khaknal. Khaknal is situated at a distance of 12 km from Manali. Located in a very nice place. The temple is surrounded by greenery. The back side of the temple is a green field. The beauty of the temple makes four moons. Maidan Parvati has a temple in the middle. The temple of mother and son is located just a few miles away. The location of the village is also very good.

Gyatri Temple – Jagat Sukh Manali Himachal

The village Jagatsukh holds its own distinct identity in the history of Manali. Jagatsukh was once the capital of Manali. Jagatsukh village houses 800 people in about 200 houses. There is a temple of Mata Gayaatri in this village. The temple is situated in the middle of the village.The temple is built in the pagoda style. Wood and stone have been used in temple construction. The stone slate has been used in the roof of the temple.

Nagar – Best Heritage Village in Manali

Nagar village is a historical heritage of Kullu district. In ancient times, the city of many kings was also the capital. Even today, the city has a king's palace. Which has now been converted into a heritage resort. There is jagti poht in the city. Due to which the city is also the center of the deity of Kullu Manali. The jagti poht is also called the Parliament of the Gods. Whenever there is a big misfortune on Kullu Manali, then the Gods and Goddess congregate in jagti poht and solve the problem. There is also a Collage of Art in the city itself. Which was founded by the Russian painter Roerich Nokolace. The village is naturally very good.

Jana Water Fall

Jana Water Fall is a very beautiful place on a peak, 34 kg miter from Manali. Jana Water Fall is a small waterfall but very beautiful. Jana can enjoy traditional food in water fall.

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