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Know These Things Before Going on Tour in India - Your Hotel Host

If  you are Planning a Trip to India . Know these things before going on tour in India . If you are planning a trip in India. Know these things before going to India tour. India is a very big country. India has many cultures. India is a prosperous country due to its many cultures. There are many things to know about Indian culture. Which we need to learn. We will give you complete information in this article from applying India Visa till the end of the tour. Please complete the article.

Traveling to India Checklist

  • India Visa .
  • Select the place in India where you want to go .
  • Hotel .
  • Do police verification.
  • Cash / ATM Card
  • Do not go alone / without knowledge in the forest.
  • Pocket shears / beggars should be aware
  • Awareness from monkeys.
  • Attention in religious places
  • Avoid Public Displays of Affection – Couples
  • For travel, travel insurance is must.

India Visa

If you want to come on India tour, then first of all you should know about Indian Visa. If you are coming to India. In which subject? This is most important for Indian Visa. If you want to travel in India, then apply for a tourist visa. Toursit visa will be available easily. You can contact the Indian Embassy in your country. Where you will be given complete information about India Visa. After taking complete information from the Indian Embassy, ​​you can Applyfor an India visa. As soon as your visa is accepted. After that book a flight to India .

Select the place in India where you want to go.

There are few international airports in India. You can choose Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. By selecting air, you have to take care of which part of India you have to roam. Select the airport accordingly. India is mainly divided into four parts. East India, West India, South India, North India ,. First of all you decide that you have to see the Himalayas of India, the desert desert, the sea shore, the Nilgiri mountain of South India, you make a road map. So that you can manage time and money easily. In India, where to take flight, bus, taxi, train service. If you are finding this task difficult by yourself, then you can take the complete package of travel from a good travel company, and you will be given a day wise tour plan according to your budget .


While traveling in India, you have to take special care of the hotel. In India, you will find facilities ranging from Star Hotel to Air bnb, Home Stay. Before booking the accommodation, you should check it thoroughly. The Government Document is a Registrar in the Tourism Department. Check property's GST number etc. After that check the property's online review. Then After  Book the accommodation .

Do police verification .

If you go to any city / town in India, first get your police verification done. In the police verification, you give your correct details, in which city / town you have come to that city / town, you are doing stay. Give complete information It will be beneficial for you.

Cash / ATM Card

Whenever you come to India Travel, bring with you International Prepaid Debit Card, International Master Card, European Debit Card, such card which is the best debit card for international travel. With which you can make international transactions. Everything is going digital under Mission Digital in India. You can pay online almost in place. India is a country of rural context where you have to pay by cash. Before going to any place, you have to know the ATM. Keep the cash with you accordingly. You have to try to keep less cash with you .

Do not go alone / without knowledge in the forest .

There is a very dense forest in India. These forests are very dangerous animals. Who can harm you. There are many trekking routes in the Himalayas of India. In such a place, going without information and without a guide is not dangerous. Therefore, before going to such a place, you should get the right information. Take the guide along.

Pocket shears / beggars should be aware

Pocket detritus / beggars are found in every city of India. As many good people in India as many bad people too. So you have to take special care of your pocket. He is so expert in his work that you will not even know when to take your pocket. It can also trap you in your words. Therefore, stay away from these people. Don't get along with anyone without work. Unless you have faith in any man, then stay away from him.

Awareness from monkeys.

The monkey is found everywhere in India, in the city as well as in the forests. In this way monkeys do not harm humans, but when animals' brains become impaired, no one knows about this. There are monkeys in every temple in India. So whenever you go to the temple, take care of your mobile phone, glasses, hand bag. You can get carried away anytime. You have to try not to see your eyes with monkeys.

Attention  religious places in India

You will find many religious places in India. India is also the center of many religions. There are very good religious places in India, whenever you visit any temple in India, be it any religious place, you can enter without any shoes. Neither can you go inside the Hindu temple with shoes, wallet, thong leather. In place of Sikhism, you should have a cap, handkerchief on your head. Jain religious places and your mouth should be covered. Therefore, if you go to any religious place in India, then before you enter, you must know about the rules of Prabesh. Otherwise you can get into trouble.

Avoid Public Displays of Affection – Couples

If you have been to India for honeymoon tour, then you have to take care of many things. Kiss you in a public place, hug you, kiss your hand, etc. These things have to be ashamed of Indian culture, to be done in public place. This is the Indian culture value. For which we have to understand Indian Traditons of India. So you do not have to do this thing in public place. So that Indian culture is damaged.

For travel, travel insurance is must.

You are traveling in India, so I am not saying that you should do travel insurance. Rather, whenever we go on tour, we must do travel insurance. We may have a medical emergency sometime during the trip. In such a situation, if we are short of money, travel insurance comes in handy, so whenever you go on a trip, do travel insurance.
Conclusion: In this article we tried to give you information about India. Hope you like it. If you have come to India, please share your experience in the comment box so that we can improve our article. And those who visited India could get correct information.

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