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Waterfall In Manali - Your Hotel Host

Waterfall In Manali : Manali is known for its beauty and water fall. There are many sourceof natural water in Manali. Water comes directly into the waterfall from Snow Hill of Manali. The water comes directly from the ice, so the waterfall water is absolutely clean. All the waterfalls in Manali get their water in river Beas. Beas River is the main river of Manali. The origin of the Beas river is Rohtang Pass. The icy hill is the pride of Rohtang Pass and also the source of water of Beas river. There is a lot of Waterfall in Manali. But in this article we will only talk about the major water fall. Who adds four moons to the beauty of Manali. The water fall is the pride of Manali. You can feel the nature very closely by going to the ship. Can feel the music of waterfall. The music of Waterfall refers to the nature song. Which you will hear from the fall of the waterfall. Please complete the article. Only then you will get complete information.

  • Jogini Water Fall
  • Sagu Water Fall
  • Goshal Water Fall
  • Sajla Water Fall
  • Jana Water Fall
It is the main and famous water fall of Manali. You will be completely lost in nature after going. If the weather is hot then you can enjoy the summer. For complete information, read the article, full information about waterfall is given,

Jogini Water Fall - Listen Beauty Full Waterfall Song

You are on a tour of Manali. So if you ask any local man about waterfall, the first name on his tongue will be Jogini Waterfall. This is because Jogini Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall of Manali. Jogini waterfall is named after the goddess Jogini. For Jogini waterfall, you have to do tracking. The place where the trekking begins is a stone-built temple of Jogini Devi. The height of the temple is 20 feet. There is a walnut tree in the temple premises. There is a rain shelter in the temple. Puja is organized on the special date. You have 2 ways to go to Jogini water fall. The first route is 4 km from Manali to Bahang. There is a 1 km route from Bahang to Jogini's temple. The second way is 3.5 kg from Manali to the Vashisht Temple,You can come to the Jogini temple in 1 hour while trekking from at Vashisht  temple. After reaching Jogini temple from both the ways, you have to climb the hill for Jogini water fall. Jogini will reach the waterfall after climbing for 45 minutes. After reaching, only one word will come out of your mouth Wonderfull . The waterfall falls from a height of 300 feet. One can also see the view of Manali Valley with waterfall in Jogini Waterfall. If you are a nature lover then you can enjoy water music in Jogini Water Fall. You can enjoy your clear water and water music in a peaceful bath. On the way, cedar trees make your journey even more beautiful. Waterfall is high in the summer season. Many people will be seen in the water fall. If you come to Manali then definitely go to Jogini Water Fall.

Sagu Waterfall-On the way Rohtang Pass 

Sagu Waterfall is located at a place called Madi, on the way to Rohtang Pass, 35 km from Manali. Sagu Waterfall is located at the highest elevation in Manali. Sagu Waterfall is a clear-water waterfall falling from 300 feet. The main source of water of Sagu water fall is the hill of ice.  After 1 hour trekking from Madi, you reach Sagu water fall. All around Green , sago water in between, it seems as if nature is yet to talk to you. This waterfall is very close to nature. From Rohtang Pass and on The way Rohtang Pass, you can see the view of Sagu Waterfall. From a distance, this water fall appears to be milk waterfall. This seems to be because the water in the water fall is coming from melting ice directly. And the water is absolutely clean. If the weather is rainy, do not go without a guide. Because fog occurs during the rainy season. Fog is so much. The path does not look clear. In such a situation you can wander the way. When you do not pass Rohtang then definitely go to see this waterfall.

Goshal Waterfall – How are Waterfalls Formed

 Goshal Waterfall is located in the village of Goshal in Manali. Goshal is 4 km from Manali towards Solang Valley. Goshal Water Fall is a seasonal waterfall. This waterfall only has water during the summer season. The sources of waterfall are ice and rain water. Water is only seasonal in waterfall. But waterfall is very beautiful when it contains water. White water when it falls from Black Hill. So the scene is amazing. White Snake on Black Hill. The village Goshal is also very beautiful. The village has a pagoda style temple of Gautam Rishi, Vyas Rishi, Kanchan Nag. Along with this, there is a place of bundal mata here. Bandal Mata is considered the mother of Nago. In the village, you will find old houses built.

Sajla Water Fall – Place to Visit in Manali

There is a lot of waterfall in Manali. Those whom people do not know, they have not yet been named. Sajala Waterfall is also one of the same waterfalls. Recently, the local people of the village have promoted such. Made the people strong on arrival. The water fall is small but very good. You can enjoy eating Maggi by putting a chair in the water. Waterfall water comes from melting hill snow, so waterfall is very cold. Sajla Water Fall is located at Naggar Road, 13 km from Manali.

Jana Waterfall – Enjoy With Traditional Food

Jana Water is located on hill 11 km above the city in Manali. You can enjoy the Valley view of Kullu Manali. You can enjoy Kulluvi food in Jana Water Fall. You will find pure traditional food at this. Head of Red Rice. Jana Water Fall is very lovely. The road is both side cedar tree. The way is Serpila. Apple, Palam, is a tree of apricot. Jana can make trek to Mahadev by electricity from water fall. The Jana Water Fall is named after the village of Jana. The village is very good.
Conclusion: We have listed the famous waterfall of Manali in this article. In the coming time, we will also list some more waterfalls in this list. Information about such waterfall will be given. Those who are not yet aware of water fall and can get an identity.  There People  also join tourism

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